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New York City one of the greatest cities on Earth. There are so many incredible wonders to behold that it is simply impossible to experience them all. The Big Apple is full of exciting adventures, just waiting to be had. It boasts a rich history and has fabulous museums to prove it. Its amazing culture is truly one-of-a-kind and owes that uniqueness to the multitude of immigrants that have arrived from every corner of the planet over the past couple hundred years. There are very few places on Earth that can boast such an incredibly diverse culture and history. This is probably one of the reasons you are drawn to New York, and this website.

This website has one goal only, and that is to gather everything New York City has to offer and to place conveniently on this website for everyone to see. Cool Stuff NYC can help you get great deals on Broadway tickets or it can point you towards the perfect Manhattan Nightclub. This website can tell you right where to go so you can spot your favorite celebrities and provide top-notch recommendations for the best free attractions in the city. We know the best places to take your children too!

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